2 Charlotteans, and a long lost Gridlock,  joined us for a 20-pax workout that’d make Mr. Norris spit out the broken glass mouthwash…

The Thang:

Warm Up (Pep Boy): Run the Park, Fazio Circles, SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Good Mornings

At the Starting Line (Money Hose): 2-man teams; Partner 1 fires up the trusty Bear/Gorilla/Bear over the field to the Ben Johnson-end of the Park and a lone Shovel Flag (actual) on the hill.  4 Single-Leg Burpees.  Run back to Start Line.  Meanwhile, back at the Starting Line, Partner 2 does max repetitions with given equipment: Mama Junk (2 Flips & Ponder); Sears Bar (Clean); Oly Bar (21 Biceps Gun Show); Back to Back Ab Pass of Medicine Ball (Intensity called into question by some); 50 Lbs Kettlebell (Swings); 35 Lbs Kettlebell (DCPs); Cinder Block (Man Makers); Something Else (Some other Piece of Equipment); Cinder Block (Man Makers); Medicine Ball (Wall Toss).  Flapjack.  As the wave of Partners 2 return, plank it out.  When all hands return, rotate one station to the Line’s right.  Repeato.  I have no idea how many repetitions we did, but it was plenty.

5 Minutes of Mary (Pep Boy): LBCs, Russian Hammers, WWIIs, Freddy Mercuries



  • Outstanding maiden Q work by our man Pep Boy on Roanoke field.  This organization is populated by leaders among leaders.  Stay tuned for Pep Boy’s pending Full Q. 
  • Mama Junk’s compulsory attendance continues to impress.  Kudos to Fungo for challenging her and us. 
  • Slightly off topic, but our man Watson seems to have escaped any scrutiny for the actual wife beater tank top that he sports.  It’s not a gun show.  It’s a gun convention, brothers. 
  • Speaking of the 20 somethings, from afar, Roanoke Park residents might wonder “who are the super humans among the mortals?”  Don’t worry, that’s just Hasslehoff and Watson chucking actual vehicles over the backstop…
  • The granddaddy of the 20 something cohort, Cinderella, ran around like an actual Mountain Lion yesterday morning.   
  • Tclaps to DST for bringing it all back home as one of the original four horsemen of the Qrusaders. 
  • Finally, the Rt. Rev. Flo-Reeda did us all proud with a legendary close-out prayer.  The words echo over all that we do  “when we arrived, we were in darkness.  Now that we’ve been together, we leave in the light.”  Amen.