It was a beautiful morning in the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees (commonly known as CARY).  As the faithful gathered in the gloom we saw sad clowns come to share the park.  We enjoyed a minute of fellowship and wondered if any of the FNGs promising to attend would heed the call.  It was not to be.  At the appointed hour we headed off.



A quick jog around the soccer field brought us to the warm up of Side Shuffle Hops X 20, Imperial walkers x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20, Windmills x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Good Mornings x 10.

With our motors sufficiently running we headed out to our first Circle of Pain and a Plank-O-Rama.  We did High Plank x 20, Chillcut x 20, Walking Plank x 5 each way, Sarkzoy x 20 and Putin x 20.

To give the arms a momentary rest YHC decided an Indian Walking Lunge up the parking lot would be fun. Burt complained about the height and length of legs belonging to the rest of the PAX.  He got the extra workout doing 3 lunges compared to 1 from the rest of the group.

Returning to our COP we did a Push-O-Rama.  This included lots of Merkins: Wide Arm x 8, Standard x 10, Diamonds x 3, Standard x 10, Wide Arm x 8. We took a quick break with 20 squats and resumed, Diamonds x 3, Regular x 10, and Wide Arms x 8.  When asked about the small number of Diamonds.  YHC replied, if the Q can’t do it, the Q can’t call it.  And 3 is about all you’ll see out of this morning’s Q.  We capped off our Push-O-Rama with another 20 squats.

Unfamiliar with the park, YHC asked Key West to lead to an area with benches.  Key West who loves to run took a lovely scenic tour of the park, passing several areas with picnic tables.  (Note to self: Never ask a runner to lead the way, unless you want to run, and run father than you wanted to.)  Once Key West led us to a remote picnic area we did some Dips x 12 and Jumping Lunges x 5 with a repeat and closing with one additional set of Dips.

A quick trip to the Basketball Court provided for the perfect place for High Knees/Butt Kicker suicides and Line Jumps x 20

Time was running out so we moseyed to the field for a round of Halleluiahs x 10.  Then over to a new spot of grass for our 6MOM which included V – UPS X 15, LBCS x 20, HOMER TO MARGE X 20, FREDDY MERCURY X 20, ROSA-DOLLYS X 20, and CROSS BODY X 15.

We closed in prayer and headed off to face the day.


It was a solid group today that put up with this old man’s feeble attempt to lead.  I hope we can get some of the many sad clowns that are out exercising to join the faithful in their beatdown.

oldman workout