We had all taken a few days break.  Land lubber laziness had set in.  YHC was determined to push the PAX and himself:  Mission accomplished.  We boarded the HMS Munity, and set sail for a little island just off the coast of Comfort and Pleasure.  We had a fair wind, clear skies and the moon and stars to guide us.  Off we went


With the sails trimmed and the lines tight we ran the field to arrive back at the parking lot for a warm up of Side Straddle Hops x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20, and Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way.

We came about and cut a hard tack.  The winds carried us to the playground where we took some 4 station push-me-pull-you R and R. Incline Rows x 15, Merkins x 15, Pull ups x 5, and Carolina Dry Docks x 15.  The natives were friendly, the balmy weather pleasant so we stayed for 3 rotations before we weighed anchor for another port.

Our voyage continued to the lands of Tennis Courts which was filled with running suicides, and squat variations x 15.  Was it something we ate?  Were we getting land sick?  Perhaps a storm was brewing, but all the PAX were starting to feel this was not the pleasure cruise they signed up for.  Why haven’t we met the cruise director?

We drifted on the currents to Pirate’s Wall where Balls to the Wall x 20 and the Peoples Chair x 30 with single leg Chairs thrown in were common.  We endured two rounds, and we realized a foul wind had indeed begun to blow.  We reefed the sheets, tied down the gear, and prepared for the next stop.

The North Star guided the ship to a place of wretchedness, where ships run aground and sailors go mad.  This was the hill, it seems so innocuous, but there was a ladder that needed to be run. There was no escape, to YHC’s regret and shame we had ignored it long enough.  And so we ran the Jacob’s Ladder to 5.

YHC abandoned ship momentarily while the remaining crew traveled to a better gentler land called, the Lower Field.  There marked in the lush grass of this tropical paradise were markers every ten yards.  The PAX carried on faithfully with Bear Crawls, Lunge Walks, and Gorilla Runs.

Returning on the journey, the full crew set out for a land seen easily from the crow’s nest.  We traveled by sight to the Pavilion for two sets of Jump Ups x 15 and Dips x 15.  We were hoping among the picnic benches and grills that young hula girls would come and offer us Mai Tais.  But no one came to quench our thirst, and so the journey to another port of pain was made.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Gilligan’s three hour tour.  Our ship was soon to run aground, and we needed to make land in a hurry before we had to abandon ship.  So we arrived at the Isle of Mary for a short session with WWII Sit Ups x 25, Windshield Wipers x 20, and Russian Hammers x 20.


The PAX were strong today.  We are still a small group, but I believe as we continue to reach out we will find some folks who are tired of being the sad clown.

Sorry to have left the PAX to run on their own for a moment, but YHC lost his sea legs during the Ladder.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Monster Biscuit, who couldn’t join us because of some snipping.