Great morning to be ITG for F3 Raleigh. 7 men gathered for the opportunity to get better today in Five Points. YHC was a last minute pickup on the restricted free agent Q market so an early arrival was necessary to get my mind right.

The Pax started promptly at 5:30AM with a disclaimer and mission statement. Then we were off to White Memorial for Warmarama.

SSH IC x15

Cotton Pickers IC x15

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Sun Gods aka Fazio Arm Circles IC, forward and reverse, x10

First item on the agenda: Partner up for 100 merkins, 100 LBCs and 100 sumo squats cumulative. Partner A runs down McDonald Lane to the crosswalk and back, while Partner B does exercise. Alternate until all exercises are complete.

Next we moseyed to the corner of Colonial and McDonald to the church overflow parking lot where we did 5 sets of bear crawls down the parking lot and back pedal back to the top.

Mosey back down McDonald and line up along the shorter brick wall for 3 sets of the following:

Step-ups x12

Dips x15

Urkins x18

Mosey to the parking lot behind the State Farm building on Fairview and line up on the back brick wall for 3 sets of the following:

People’s Chair 10 count by each Pax member with arms out front or up high

Balls to the Wall 7 count by each Pax member

Mosey to the corner of Fairview and St Marys for another partner routine. Partner A will run a lap around the State Farm building and dry cleaners while Partner B does SSHs. Repeat so each partner got two laps in.

Mosey back to home base(parking lot at the corner of Oberlin and Fairview) for the final partner exercise. Starting in the middle of the parking lot, each partner runs in opposite directions to the end of the lot and circles back for hand-slap merkins in the middle. 10 count each time. 5 sets.

With about 4 minutes ago, YHC asked the Pax to push for one more exercise. Lunge to the end of the parking lot and sprint back to the middle.

Three members of the Pax were asked to lead an exercise for our cool down:

Woody – Dying Cockroaches IC x15

Peach Pit – Homer-to-the-Marge IC x15

Spin Class – LSFs IC x20

Announcements were F3 Raleigh needs some men to step up for upcoming vacant Qs. Also, pay attention to Twitter for recent changes in Saturday workout times.

Spin Class asked for continued prayers for this mom, Terri Ferguson, who has been in the hospital 2 weeks with extreme asthma.

Clavin took us out with a solid prayer reminding us to be grateful for the ability to get up each morning and exercise.

Great job by all this morning. I believe Clavin and Peach Pit have recently come back to the gloom so T-Claps to them for continuing to push themselves. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.