Though Slash was helping Q at the “other guy’s” Thursday workout, this Pax of 20 set out into the jungle-like, knee-high grass of lawn mower forgotten Roanoke Park to grind through a humid morning and prove that Heavy Metal is, in fact, EVERYWHERE:

The Thang


  • SSH x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8, Reverse x 8

Pax break into pairs, and then into two groups to tackle the two-circuit combo, with one Pax working while the other is occupied with the Mary exercise of choice of the pair taking a lap around the park for that circuit.  Pax alternate through each exercise and circuit as many times as possible.  Halfway through the workout, Pax switch circuits.

Circuit #1 (as many turns at each station as possible until relieved):

  • Mama Junk Sledgehammer Slams x 10
  • Heavy Pipe Bulgarian Split Squats x 15
  • El Jefe Merkins x 15 (or AMRAP)
  • Sled Push w/ 50 lb. bag of sand x 40 yards
  • Lap around Park

Circuit #2 (as many turns at each station as possible until relieved):

  • Olympic Bar Dead Lifts w/ Plates x 10
  • Medicine Ball Toss Over Backstop until relieved
  • Cinder Block Jane Webbs (1×1) until relieved
  • Gun Show x dealer’s choice among Sears Bar, 35 lb. KB, and 50 lb. KB, alternate until relieved
  • Lap around Park

AFter ~2 rotations through each circuit, Mary credited for time served during the circuits

COT (during one-minute plank for White Shoe)

  • Welcome to our new friends (i.e., instruments of pain): Olympic bar, sledgehammer, and heavy pipe.  As YHC showed, the heavy pipe is no easy thing to handle.
  • Tclaps to the Pax this morning fighting through the humid conditions, but keeping a strong pace throughout.  #itsgoodforyou
  • Tclaps to Abu Nazeer, proud new papa.
  • Awesome continued turnout across our three Thursday morning workouts – 40 Pax today total…Aye!
  • Lots of new workouts starting up soon – check them out.