VSF firmly planted in frozen concrete at Crabtree Valley Mall for the PAX of 23 at this week’s Flood Zone. YHC put together a set inspired by Charlotte F3ers Blue (non-stop action) and Hitman (music) who lead memorable workouts at F3 Nation’s original Wednesday morning workout Gamucci. My first post @ Cherokee left me in the most pain and got me started, but my first post at Gamucci was lead by Blue who showed how me how far there was to go. Entertainment was provided this morning as the PAX got to to roll back in time a little. There’s no easing into the weekend at this site, today was no different.

The Thang:

PAX gathers for 5:15 Start to Tom Sawyer: (King David, Shaggy, Chong Li, Yo-Yo, Maize)

(Party Up!)Run to field, Army Crawl 3 times then 3 Merkins, repeat for 30-40 yards….turn around and come back.

(Fantastic Voyage & Man’s Final Frontier) Jacob’s Ladder up stairwell to 7 with Diamond Merkins in decending order. Max merkins at the bottom

(Let’s Get it Started) Run to pick up remaining PAX and hit the stairwell twice before gathering at the top deck

(Slam) Wide Arm Merkins x15, Right Arm Staggerx10, Left Arm Staggerx10, Good Morningsx15, something else i think

(Rapper’s Delight) Paint the Lines with a Jump Up each rotation for the duration of the song

(Let Me Clear My Throat-Extended Version) AMRAP 10 Derkins & 10 Mountain Climbers for 6 minutes…go down one level

(Apache & Sabotage) AMRAP Suidices with 5 EKGs after each set for 9 minutes

(Welcome to the Terror Dome) AMRAP 11s with Star Jumps & Spiderman Merkins for 5 minutes

(Jump Around) AMRAP Burpees for 3.5 minutes…go down to bottom level

(Shake Your Rump) Crab Walk up long ramp, Bear Crawl down….max Squats when done till PAX gathers

(California Love) Jacob’s Ladder to 3 with Diamond Merkins at the top

(Express Yourself) Chilcutt Hold as PAX gathers, AMRAP Dying Cockroach for 90 seconds, 6″ Leg Hold for 2 minutes that included the count off

COT and that is all…..Splinter took us out in prayer, well done

QOD: “Let us not give up meeting to together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:35

Naked Moleskin:

-Welcome back Fazio!! A couple of significant Kotters showed up this week that are F3 Raleigh originals. Now it’s down to Big Sproles……

-GoRuck is May 3rd in Raleigh. Sign up and Ruck up…..ask about it at any workout, someone will know.

-Feb 8th is the Krispy Kreme run, see Epoxy. Kilt run is March 1st, see Shaggy, March 22-23rd is the Spartan Race Sprint (5 miles) in Charlotte, sign up and then we’ll tell you who to see

-Prayers for the familes of Steroid’s Aunt & TARP’s grandfather due to their recent passing. Prayers for Dufresne,  Fault’s bother-in-law who has begun treatment, for Money Hose’s uncle and for Orwell’s parents as well as his cousin.

-New workouts are in the making, news is coming. See the site Q or myself to lead a workout, you have to start somewhere. Process goes like this: I do…..you watch, I do….you help, You do….I help, You do……I watch. If you’ve been posting a few weeks and haven’t lead yet, step up or someone will ask you to soon.

-T-claps to Tongue & Groove (1 person) for his second post, welcome brother! T-claps to Splinter who’s quickly becoming a regular (see note above) and used to like DJ Kool’s extended version before this morning. #shoutout Captain Kangaroo is bona fide regular (see note above).

-Hope Costco got some good rest and hugged his daughter real tight this morning, cherish that extra week with her before she heads west my friend. #happytearsfornow

-Sounds like some guys are meeting up for lunch at Ed Rodeo on Wake Forest today. Au Pair will be there, only noting so Orwell is aware. #bromance

-Tara Lynn is quickly becoming a PAX favorite. #firstcelebadmirer

-I’m still breathing heavy and my arms hurt. Was it really 15 degrees not counting the wind? Felt wamer than that for some reason.