Four Pax including, two superstars of stage and screen, blew in to the hilltop North Cary Park where the gauge said 15 and the wind chill said 4.

The Frozen VSP was “planted” (YHC needs to get a LSF) and the pax were off to warm up.

Run around the parking lot twice, warm up with GM x 15, IW x 15, SFAC(forward) x 15, SFAC (Backward) x 15.

THE RED CARPET – No pretty or plastic ladies here.

Plank relay suicides. Pax assume the chilcut and one at a time suicide one court.

People’s Chair x 40


High Plank suicide relays.

Prisoner’s People’s Chair x 40

Run around the parking lot to the pavilion


dips x 15, jump ups x 5, incline merkins, x 15, single leg step ups x 16, french dip x 15, American dip x 15 (hold the dip at the top, the Americans saved the french…) squat hold x 40, dip x 15, decline merkin x 10, squat hold jump up x 5.

Run down the steps to the base of the hill next to the sand volleyball courts.


relay jacobs ladder. pax performs russian hammers while taking turns running to the top of the hill. Burpee at top x 1, flapjack. Pax then does freddy mercury while taking turns running to the top for 2 burpees. All run to the top for 3 burpees. for the 4 burpees the pax does hello dollys and then finishes doing five while everyone does the freddy mercury.

Run over to the backstop, Prisoners people’s chair x 40, bear crawl across the grass and up the stairs, squat at the top.

Run to the swings. (knee tucks x 5, merkins x 5)x3

Run to the soccer field for a 40 count of six inch leg holds.


Welcome to those who have come for the first time to Cary. Coach Doherty and Kanye came to us from Brier Creek and have been working with Money Hose (unknown in yankeeland). Please join us again real soon.

The swag given out at this awards is the satisfaction of knowing that we are working to make ourselves better so we can make our world better.