And the Pax chose…..Sisyphus now! So 29 Pax jogged to the top of Sisyphus to start their downPAINment for the day.

The Thang:

  • Warm up run
  • SSH X 25
  • Mountain climbers X 25
  • Windmills X 20
  • Sir Fazio circles X 8
  • Reverse Sir Fazio circles X 8

Sisyphus hill…as requested

6 minutes of Mary

  •  WWII sit-ups X 20
  • Long Slow Flutters X 20
  • LBC’s! X 20
  • Freedom hammers (because the Russians have done nothing for us lately) X 20

Island of Pain X 4 alternating

  • Group 1 – run the island
  • Group 2 – squat hold
  • Run to the picnic shelter for Dips X 25
  • Wheelbarrow up mini Hamburger Hill – flip flop X 2
  • People’s chair X 2

Run to the park entrance for the DB Drill (for all of you that thought playing Cornerback looked EASY!). Sprint the 7 cones and drop for 5 burpies. Do this 3 times.  Mean while, Group 2 circled up for dealers choice workout. This included TD Merkins X 20, Squat hold jumps X 15, regular Merkins X 15, standing lunges X 20. **Groups switch – I wish I could elaborate on what a fine job Maize did with dealers choice..but I was too busy getting my ass kicked by Enron on the DB Drill. You boys know what ya did and I’m sure you did a damn fine job.


The Moleskin

  • Thanks to our FNG Watson who joined us and had his first day on the job at IBM today
  • No Heavy Metal workout this week, instead we have a convergence at Dawn Patrol, 1 hr long and starts at 7. ***Followed by Beer and Brots at Utah’s pool! Word is we have ‘The Forge’ tomatoes attending…don’t miss it.