VSF planted on Oxford for this week’s Lourdes of Discipline. The warm winter is bringing out the numbers all over the area, this site is well established for pace at this point….a standard for a QIC to live up to now. We had some fun.

The Thang:

Group run up Anderson and down Overbrook to parking garage, circle up

SSH x 10, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 10, Merkins x 10

Set of 7s (bottom of driveway, coverer parking) Star Jumps & Burpees…High Plank hold when done

Push-A-Rama: Merkins x 10, Wide Grip Merkins x 10, Decliners x 10, Low Plank Hold x 10, CDD x 10…run to bottom of Overbrook & get in Groups of 3

The Westhead

Partner 1 goes to top of hill, AMRAP 5 Plankjacks & 5 Hand-Release Merkins, Partner 2 is at the bottom, AMRAP 5 Monkey Humpers & 5 Squat Jumps, Partner 3 runs up to Partner 1 tags them out. Rotate through the following for 20 minutes straight….gather at the top.

Sprint to Anderson, set of 11s with LBC’s and Dying Cockroaches

Sprint down Anderson to Oxford, set of 11s with Merkins and Burpees

Sprint down Oxford, Sprint back to Anderson, Spring back to Parking lot

COT with prayer by Tiny Dancer

Q.O.D.: “To whom much is given, much will be expected.” -Luke 12:48

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps the great work by Pepe, Popeye & Les Nessman on #TheMule. T-claps to drivers like Azul, Gnard Dogg, the guy in the South Wake party bus & the others. Nice to see Red Card there supporting the PAX. At the original MULE  back in September 2012 7 PAX participated this year (Ron Burgundy, Wendell Gee, Linda, Floppy Disk, Chong Li, White Shoe & YHC)

-April 1st is the Bull in Durham, launch point TBD.

-Prayers for the Money Hose, ManRam, Java & Headgear families plus those others spoken and unspoken.

-Lots of guys pushing it out there this morning, some great competition on the sprints. T-claps to Pepe for bringing FNG Lunch Meat FKA David Edwards, hope to see him back out. Fava Bean cried foul for announcing “All You’ve Got” on four occasions, #protest.

-See Denali I can Q a workout without Spiderman Merkins, proof! When’s Midol Qing again? That guy brought a big surprise at Ball Bearings a few weeks ago, need more of that strong new Q action out there.

-Go EH a FNG, make the extra effort.