14 ventured out into the gloom this morning to honor the GOAT and raise their ceilings to the roof. 4 for a friendly 2+ mile pre-run that served up a great reminder to pick up your feet and don’t get too caught up in conversation that you don’t watch the curb. YHC never saw Grayson Allen, but he surely was there.

All F3 regulars and regulars to Crucible this morning so no disclaimer was needed or given. Mosey to the soccer field for warm-up:
Side Straddle Hop IC x20
Good Morning IC x10
Imperial Walker IC x20
Sir Fazio IC Forward x10 Overhead clap x10 reverse x10
Mountain Climber
Plank while I explain the Thang

The Thang
Split PAX into 3 groups with head lamps equally dispersed
Group 1 AMRAP pull ups on monkey bars
Group 2 AMRAP prison squats
Group 3 run the big loop around the park
Flapjack until all three groups have completed all three

Mosey to the Soccer Field for Jack Webb
1 Merkin / 1 “Raise the Ceiling” — Like raising the roof but when you are a UNC grad the Ceiling is the Roof
Start at 1 progress to 10

Step over to the big loop for a Burpee Lap – one lap around the big loop with 4 stops of 10 burpees OYO
People’s Chair for a 10 count down the line back at the shelter

Merkin Lap – one lap with 20 Standard Merkins, 20 Diamond Merkins, 20 Hand Release Merkins and 20 Derkins when back at the shelter
BTTW at the shelter for 5 count going down the line

Squat Lap – one lap with 20 Prison Squats, 20 Sumo Squats, 20 Star Jumps, 20 Lunges .. Yes, Mr. Rogers I know Star Jumps and Lunges aren’t technically squats, but you lead co-ed F3 workouts in your spare time so you get no say.

Mosey to the parking lot for Mary
Freddy Mercuries IC x20
Box Cutters IC x20
Homer to Marge IC x20
LBC IC x20
Rosalita IC x20
15 seconds left so I just sat and waited for the final seconds to tick off.

Nice work men, pleasure to lead.

Mayhem gave update on his mission week in Honduras. TClaps for leading by example.
Sola Hot Mini 5K at Sola Coffee – Part of Second Empire Series
The Forum at Panera (Six Forks and Forum Drive) today at Noon – Studying 1 Peter.

No spoken prayers today. Given that it took 10 minutes to get through prayer requests last week, I’m guessing there were many unspoken today.

Nobody better than Mayhem to take us out with some strong words to live by when our prayers are all in our hearts.

Thanks for putting up with my goofy exercises and goofy jokes today. Thanks for picking me up when I fell, only my pride was broken. Thank you guys for being you and letting me be a part of it.