Great weather means great turnouts. And the 30 men, including 4 FNGs, who arrived at Urban Jungle, were all in. We ain’t playin’ in the grass with bells, or balls. We’re dealing in concrete, asphalt, and cinder-blocks.

Jog to front lot, with karaoke along the way. Circle up for: SSH x21, Windmills x21, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 and reverse x10. In preparation for the work ahead, YHC had the group count off. 30 men. Excellent. Back to work with Mtn Climbers x21, and back on the run.

Scooby Snack #1:
Jog to the Fountain of Mura, and split into two groups. Originally going to be odds and evens, but no one remembered their number. So. Just split into two groups. Group 1 does LBCs IC x21. Group 2 does jump-downs until group 1 finishes. Flapjack and repeato. Enough of the fancy shops. Jog down stairs and to the back lot, circle up.

Mystery Machine:
March madness is here. Had me thinking about making picks. Putting some money down. Making a bet or three. Which led me to playing cards. And so, with a nod to Bob Villa, we shuffled and cut the deck to get this thang started. Each PAX runs to the center, draws a card and leads cadence, as needed, to the quantity on the card (face = 10, ace = 11) of the following exercises:

Hearts = Merkins – IC
Diamonds = Star Jumps – OYO
Clubs = Hammers – IC
Spades = Burpees – OYO

Several hearts in a row led to a lot of mumble chatter regarding who shuffled the deck. But when have you ever played cards, and not heard someone complain about who shuffled them? Read ’em and weep. I was just disappointed that the Joker wasn’t drawn. Guess the PAX will have to wait until next time to discover the treat that awaited.

We played one round, 31 cards (YHC drew twice), for a total of:  73 Merkins (146 if you matched cadence), 46 Star Jumps, 59 Hammers (236 twists if IC), and 61 Burpees. BOOM! I think we’re done here, let’s move again.

Scooby Snack #2:
Jog up to second level. A few smiles as the end looked near. Not so fast Pep Boy. Take a seat on the wall for a little People’s Chair. Then a quick Balls to the Wall IC x10. Still time. Let’s do some Suicide Merkins. 3 lines. Sprint out and back with merkins: 5/10/15/10/5. People’s Chair until all are finished.

Run back to cars for a quick Mary with WWII Sit-ups x21. Heels to Heaven x21. Now, we’re done.

Welcome to the FNGs who hung with us today (Short Circuit, Showcase, Blue Star, and Yeah-Yeah). Strong work by all. Lots of guys, who hadn’t yet, were given a chance to call cadence during cards today. Mistakes were expected. But all have the ability to lead. And several were inspired to ask how they could get on the Q list. I recommend you watch this (How To Count), then check with the site Q (don’t know who, just ask) and step up. I look forward to it.

–  3rd F Thirsty Soul Thursday, March 13th, Noon, Larry David’s office at 4600 Marriott Dr.
–  2nd F Beer & Food Tasting, also tomorrow, March 13th, 6pm, **UPDATE** Event moved to Big Boss Brewing. Food by Bella Monica still a go. Look forward to seeing you all.
–  F3 Dads inaugural work out, March 22, 9:30 Fletcher Park. Bring your 2.0 and post.
–  USMC Mud Run (aka The Leatherneck) is 4/12. There are still a few spots left. Sign up now.
–  GoRuck is set for 5/3. Read this and HC:  GoRuck Challenge Set

Prayers for Paisley’s Dad “David Paul” having open heart surgery today. And to Deliverance’s Father-In-Law “David Bazemore” having quadruple bypass heart surgery today.  Continued prayers for Dufresne and for all the others spoken and unspoken.

My favorite moment of the morning:  At the end of running Suicide Merkins, one man was left with one last set. The entire PAX, including YHC, sat glued to their People Chairs like wallflowers watching the dance. Most were out of breath, but I know several of us could have stepped up. One man did. Even though he was finished, he ran out and completed the last set alongside his fellow man. This is F3. Make it count. Never leave a man behind.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Thanks for letting me lead today.