Motivated by the start of March Madness, a PAX of 19 shook off wind gusts of 40 mph and dropping temperatures to participate in a basketball inspired beat-down.

The Thang
Warm up: Jog around parking lot wondering where the ruck group was hiding.
Circle Up: Good morning, Sealjacks, (out of the gloom appears the Go Ruck Crew) Imperial Walkers, Jump Shot Burpees, Ski Abs.

Jog around parking lot to basketball courts for
Rewind and Replay:
Lay up run both courts.
Using both basketball courts the PAX completed ladders of various exercises reversing the exercise on the way back.
Round 1: Run full lenght of court 1 backward run back, run length of both courts backward run back.
Round 2: Bearcrawl court 1, sprint court 2, backward run back to court 1 then backward bearcrawl.
Round 3: forward crab court 1, sprint court 2, backward run back to court 1, crabwalk back.
Round 4: Wojos, side shuffle down and back with floor slaps halfway.
Round 5: Gorilla hop court 1, sprint court 2, backward run back to court 1, backward gorilla hop. (not easy but can be done).

Jog back to parking lot for:
White Men Can Play Defense
Pax jumps over parking lot line side to side for 1 minute
Merkins x 10
Jump over parking lot line front to back for 1 minute.
Merkins x 10

Jog to Picnic Tables for:
White Men Can’t Jump
Block shot table jumps x 20
Derkins x10
Block Shot table jumps x 20
Incline Merkins x 25
Block Shot table jumps x 15
Dips x 25

Jog to rock pile for:
Pass the Rock
After each exercise PAX passes rock to right.
Curls x 10, Shoulder presses x 10, Tricep extension x 10, Squat x 20

Rock and Mary, again PAX passes rock to right after each exercise:
Six inch leg hold with rock held above head, 5 count around circle.
American Hammer with rock x 10, without rock x 15
WW2 situp with rock x 10, without rock x 10
Jumpshot burpees x 10
Jump Squats with rock x 20
Six inch leg hold with rock on stomach for 5 count around circle.

Jog back to parking lot for COT


-No 10 counts for this work out, that would have been a 10 count violation turnover.

-Lead a workout, volunteer to Q, you won’t regret it. See a site Q to sign up.

-The backward gorilla hops are quad burners and showed us how uncoordinated we are.

-Tclaps to the go ruck men (Yo-Yo, Utah, who else?) and MacGrueber for the double down.

-YHC apologizes for skipping Name-0-rama, too much q adrenaline going.

-Tclaps to Costco for his quick and efficient venue change for Happy Hours for tonight. It has been moved to Big Boss, be sure to ask Costco how he feels about that other brewery.

Deliverance’s father in law recovering from quadruple heart surgery.
Cherie Berry’s daughter Reagan.
MacGrueber’s friend from church.
YHC’s coworker, Scott in Charleston who is missing.
Continued prayers for Dufresne and for all the others spoken and unspoken.

Tclaps to Ernie for his inspirational prayer out.

“Nothing in the world that comes easy is worth a dime.” WWH