Long-time Chapel Hill F3 PAX Alfalfa took his maiden Q at Fetzer after having dealt loads of misery at Rameses over the years. It was a beatdown for sure.

4 PAX came early for a quick ruck prior to the ME.

SSH – 20x
WMH – 12x
Air Squats – 20x
Arm Circles – 20x

The Thang:

Partner Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear to mid field for 15 merkins, diamond, dry docks, burpees

Partner Bear Crawl / Crawl Bears to end of the field for 15 merkins, diamonds, dry docks, burpees

Rinse and repeat to back to the other side.

Suicides to 1/4 line then to half for 20 WWIIs to 3/4 line to end for 20 WWIIs

Backwards run back to other side of the field.

Side lunges to mid field for 10 air squats, 10 jump squats switch side lungs and repeat to end

Run back across the field for 10 burpees

Partner carries across the field and back

Weezer calls 40 WWIIs and flutter kicks