Nants ingonyama bagithi baba (There comes a lion)
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama (Oh yes, it’s a lion)
Siyo Nqoba (We’re going to conquer)
Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala (Here is a lion and a tiger)

A crisp 22 degree morning greeted 9 hardcore PAX who found the strength to forgo the standard F3 bootcamp, and elevate their game to The Blitz. At one point, their was mumble chatter about how this was the Anti-Injured Reserve, meaning you come here, you’ll probably end up injured. That is, unless you’re a lion. And we were lions. And we conquered. Here’s how it went:

Quick jog down the parking lot to the second speed bump and back. Grab your bell.
Around the World x11 (L/R)
Goblet Squats x21
Single-Arm, Single-Leg, Straight-Leg Deadlift x10 (L/R)
KB Swings x20
Figure 8s x10 (L/R)

YHC wanted to keep the PAX moving today, so that’s what we did. There was very little stoppage. Head to the bleachers, with Walking Overhead KB Hold thru parking lot. As we all lifted our KBs someone behind YHC, possibly Villa or Singlewide, began singing the theme to The Lion King. Audible was made that we call this move the AHHHHHHHHH Zabenyaaaaaa!!! Down the steps with Walking Lunges across the frozen tundra. Find a spot on the bleachers

The Bleachers
Chest Press x15
Step-Ups x20
Kneeling Row x15 (L/R)
Split Squats x8 (L/R)
Run a Lap (w/ a little Karaoke mixed in)
Repeat with Toe-Taps instead of Split Squats as YHC knees were feeling it.

Time to move again. Walking Lunges back across the frozen tundra, up the steps and around the back to the little covered shelter.

The Shelter
Circle-Up. One at a time, each PAX calls an exercise for the rest to do while that man does 10 Pull-Ups under the shelter. KB exercises included Around the World, Flutter Kicks, Curls, Deadlifts, Single-Arm Swings, Figure 8s, Tricep Extensions, LBCs, and some crazy Boulder Toss to Overhead Press thing called by Villa. I’m sure it has another name, and I’ll be corrected. All sucked.

Moving again we returned to the parking lot with AHHHHHHHHH Zabenyaaaaaa!!!s along the way, with Villa recalling he and Singlewide’s 15seconds of Social Media fame. Viral indeed.

Homer to Marge w/ KB Overhead x20
Russian Hammer x20


Announcements – Bowling Dec 4th, Metamorphosis on Mondays, Pickup Cujo on Wednesday’s, Healing Place this Friday at 2:30. Kettle Bell orders are being extended as we look for a new supplier. Order one.

Cinderella took us out with an excellent prayer. Then donned his mink coat and rode off into the gloom. #HakunaMatata