9 PAX Found the Gate Locked at Apex Community Park w/ Heavy Humidity and an unescorted FNG who is bud’s with a PAX from Columbia. For once YHC was not the only large mouth!

The tunes were fired up and we headed into the park….

Jog to the parking lot for the warm up.

Circle Up. Mountain Climbers, SSH, Sir Fazio Arm Circles with Mummy Kicks (a Burt Silly), IW, WindMills, Good Mornings….all to a 17 count for the 17 points the Hokies Scored vs Dook

Hit the curb for quick feet. Quick feet, quick feet with metronome arms, quick feet with raise the roof arms

Hit the street with a jog over into the park…..karaoke both ways, high knees, backwards run, 10 burbees OYO
Jog to the shed as the rain is now coming down pretty good.

Pick a table, any table. 17 irkins, wide grip merkins, dips repeat x 3. Quick run around the block. Back to the shed for more dips, durkins, alternating left right step ups and box jumps…x 2 (I think)

Head to tennis courts for 22’s….Merkins and prisoner squats. Start with 20 Merkins and 2 squats. Count up and down by 2’s.

To the wall for some dips and left right step ups.

To the curb for quick feet x 3 rounds with arms.

Hit the road back to the front of the park. 10 burbees OYO about half way.

Circle Up. Plank Hold around the circle for a 10 count. Then 5 merkins.


Prayers for Grease Monkey’s Father In Law who passed this week-end.

Welcome Large Mouth. Glad to have you at the ATeam!