The Thang:

Warm up run with bear crawl up stairs and then circle up for 25 SSH, 20 Good Morning, 25 Imperial Walker, and 30 single count standard Merkin. Stayed in plank position after Merkins for series of regular and low plank holds, down dog stretch along with Putin and Sarkozy mixed in. Took off on another run to the stairs where we did Irkins on the stairs starting on 4th step for 10, 3rd step for 10, 2nd step for 10 and 1st step for 10.

Next we lined up in parking lot for sprints to three light poles where an exercise was performed at each light. First exercise was the LBC and we did 10, 20 and 30 and sprinted back to the start where we held plank until all were in. Next exercise was the burpee and we hit the three stops for 5, 10 and 5. FNG Diego was looking rather strong and leading all PAX during this routine…..but oh how these things do change.

Jack Webb with the rocks got Diego back in his rightful place of suffering as he realized that 15 minutes into our workout you must choose your rocks carefully. Its an honest mistake that this Q made the previous week when Fabio administered the same beat down. Jack Webb from 1 Merkin/ 4 rock shoulder press until 10/40 was achieved. Suck factor getting pretty high about now. Sprinted full field and back to rocks where we knocked out 50 cadence count LBC, picked up large rock for 15 curls, 15 shoulder press and 15 tricep extension into another full field sprint to come back and hit another 15/15/15 with large rock. Rocks back in ditch and bear crawl up hill to parking lot.

From parking lot we ran to a set of steps where we partnered up for two stair barrows up each. Hot Licks gave the Q an awfully unkind look and I said he would need to speak with Larry David regarding his dislike for stair barrow and get to Catalyst. Finished with 10 count down the line while doing balls to the wall and back to the lot for COT.

Lifted up in prayer PCH’s brother in law, Hushpuppy’s dad and family and Franzia’s brother in law.

Sherpa took us out with fine prayer to go out and be better men and stewards in our community.

Please reach out to anyone you know in the north Raleigh or WF area and get them out to Agoge. It is a great group and beautiful place to enter the gloom.