As I approach my one year anniversary, I took a disc 360 degree personal assessment and contemplated what I have been doing for the last 51 weeks. What is F3 to me and why have I become an F3 evangelist. Like Saben said, “It is much harder to bail out on an exercise when a group of friends are expecting you…. It is the lifting each other up while sharing some good natured banter.”  And to take from Wonk who EH’d me, “Gathering in the early morning with men who are on the same journey and pushing each other has given me that sense of community that I need”.


With these thoughts, YHC found it only appropriate to gather at the Fidelity Bank for today’s beatdown. It comes down to Fidelity in once sense: [Reliability, Dependability, Commitment, Devotion, and Trustworthiness]. Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. F3 men are part of the reason that I come out here every day. Whether we know each other well or not, we are on a similar journey and relish in sharing and pushing each other to be better!




Jog to Fidelity Parking lot.



  1. 1/2 speed run 70 yards then SSH 20ct
  2. 1/2 speed run 70 yards then Windmills 20ct
  3. 1/2 speed run 70 yards then Imperial Walkers 20ct
  4. 3/4 Speed run 70 yards then Good morning 20ct – A bit of mumble chatter from Grease Monkey that we were going harder than 70%. Whatever.
  5. 3/4 Speed run 70 yards then Peter Parkers 20ct
  6. 3/4 Speed run 70 yards then Mountain climbers 20ct

Mosey to the Fidelity Circle. For some Coach D inspired 360 personal assesment.

  1. 360 = 8 locations x 15 reps x 3 times around
  2. Split into two groups with a cadence count leader for each group
    1. Merkins
    2. Air squat jumps
    3. Diamond Merkins
    4. Prisoner Squat
    5. Wide grip Merkins
    6. Sumo Squat
    7. Maktar Jive
    8. Star jumps
  1. Squat hold when done.

Head to bank corner for a decline side bear-crawl from stop light to stairs, hand on ground and feet on wall.  At the stairs, reverse Bear Crawl up the steps, move left, then down, move left, repeat to end.

When complete: Fazio arm circles till last PAX completed. You continue until your turn to repeat opposite direction. The 360 roasted some arms so audible called and changed from decline to incline on return.


Slow jog returning to parking lot for 3 sets of full on [100%] sprints x 70 yards.  60 count low squat hold between reps. Largemouth has some wheels and held his own with Grease.


Recover on jog back to church.



  1. Froggy Crunches 40 CT
  2. Side Crunch left 20 CT
  3. Side Crunch right 20 CT
  4. Leg tosses. Team up and mix it up. 30 CT




K2C this Saturday: Callahan is now bagging out saying he is on a diet not realizing that he would only toss Merlot afterwards, like he never ate them. Ma Bell planning on making it despite damaging his flipper during Tuesday’s swim at #FieldofDreams

Pullen Convergence March 7th.

Then we have several coveted F3 treasures coming up such as Mud Run, Spartan, and Go Rucks.


YHC is celebrating his one year anniversary Q’ing @GroundNPound on Thursday Feb 19th. I welcome all PAX to join in to help grow this location.  Only fitting to go to an unknown location just like Pullen was for me YAGO.



Grease Monkeys 9 month old daughter with undiagnosed skin condition, Saben’s uncle in chemically induced coma, and Wonk and family whom are all sick. I know I missed one.

McCants took us out in prayer.