DISCLAIMER:  this is not going to be a Dice or Captain Kangaroo BB.  Those are priceless and YHC will never be able to emulate those gut busting streams of consciousness backblasts.

YHC did not initially have plans to Q this week.  Although, I have been missing the opportunity to do so lately after a few weeks of travel and sickness that has kept me off and on with my posting.  I’ve got the cough that is dying a slow death but his friend Mr. Flem seems to be hanging on by his bedside.  I digress… The opportunity came about to Q Urban Jungle this week after Orwell requested my slot for next week.  The site Q’s Larry David and Life Alert mentioned the Dice man could use a break so I was happy to oblige.  After all, Urban Jungle was the site of my very first Q back in 2013 and has been one of my favorite AO’s for many reasons:  first and foremost – the bacon smell from the Renaissance, it’s close proximity to home, great exercise options within and around the area, draws a good crowd, etc.  It’s also fun to walk around North Hills outside of these weekly gatherings and be reminded of the many downpainments that have been offered up over the last couple years.  Hey look kids, that’s where we do “Balls to the Wall” and over there is where “fill in the __” merlot spilled…Uh, Dad?  did you say “Balls to the Wall”?  Was that a Pink Floyd album?

Since YHC had not posted in awhile at UJ, I arrived early to drive around the mall to see if my plans would have to be adjusted.  First thing I noticed was the UVA Men’s Basketball team bus parked behind the Renaissance.  All of a sudden I had visions of doing cadence calls at the bus to try and wake up the UVA team…but then I thought of Dean Smith, a true man of basketball genius and decided the sportsmanlike thing to do would be to punish the PAX instead…so the audibles began.  A good Q has a framework in mind for what they want to do but you always have to be flexible to make changes on the fly.  15 PAX (no FNG’s) posted this AM for another edition of Urban Jungle.  It didn’t take long to get warmed up.  A lot of what we did was not planned but used the framework for what I had in mind and where I wanted to take the PAX.  Here’s what went down.

WARMUP:  SSH x 25, Mountain Climbers x 20, Prisoner Squats x 20, Quick pace jog towards the Bank of America ATM, plank hold for PAX to catch up, continue running down and circle up beside the UVA team bus.  10 burpees OYO, something else I can’t recall, 10 burpees OYO.  Count off.  Evens and Odds in separate single file lines.

Sprints:  first man in line starts sprinting from the beginning of the garage all the way to the wall at the other end (maybe 200 yards?) and then does Balls to the Wall.  Next man starts sprinting after the guy in front of him passes the 2nd column along the corridor.  All PAX arrived and assumed BTTW position – 10 count – recover.  Repeat with People’s Chair on the other end.  We could have kept doing this but YHC decided to move on.

Jog to parking lot outside Target – circle up – Fly Merkins x 20 (start in plank position, as you go down, move right arm out like you’re doing a butterfly exercise, bring arm back to regular plank position on your way back up).  Repeat 5 times on the right, 5 on the left, 5 right, 5 left

Recover on the jog around the backside of the Target to the bottom of the small hill.  Odds/Evens split up.  Evens do LBCs AMRAP while Odds sprint to the top of the hill, do 5 burpees and sprint back.  FLAPJACK.  Repeat with 10 burpees at top of the hill and AMRAP Merkins for the other group.  FLAPJACK

Partner carry up the hill – at top, flapjack and partner 2 carries all the way to the REI.  Plank hold until all PAX arrive.  Mountain Climbers x 10, Chilcutt Plank Jacks x 20.  Lunge Walk from REI down sidewalk toward Starbucks.  Jog to fake grass.

Split PAX into 4 corners (3-4 at each corner).  To honor Dean Smith, we did four 3-point jump shots in each corner, PAX quickly rotated to the next corner with no breaks.  Did this twice (1st half, 2nd half). Freddy Mercury x 20.  OVERTIME – 1 more rotation through the corners.

Jog to fountain near Mura.  Double Step Ups x 20 (#LegBurner).  Dips x 10.  Larry David Stairbarrows w/partner, bearcrawl down handicap ramp and flapjack.  Circle up around the fountain for Irkins x 10 (or 15).  Jog back to JCPenney parking log for Mary.

Mary:  London Bridge x10, In and Outs x20, Spiderman Crunch Holds (#CrowdPleaser), American Hammer x 30

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Krispy Kreme Challenge, Mud Run Signups, Spartan Sprint Signup, Other?

No prayer requests offered.  YHC shared a quick verse:  Ephesians 1:9-10 “he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment – to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ. NIV

Layover closed us out in prayer.  It was a real pleasure leading you men this AM.