Accountability and Honor

3 for EC and 4 for accountability

Asystole [ec], MaBell [ec], Nabisco, YHC Banjo [ec]

EC, we carried pain, pain sticks for 21 flights. Top of each 3rd flight, dealers choice 15 cc ab: hammers, lbc, planks, WWII, flutter kicks, hammers, planks. Finish with repositioning 25 pain sticks to rear of parking deck.

Pick up Nabs, and we are off to uncharted virgin territory for accountability work.

Jog north on Academy, West on West Johnson, right on the Northwoods Greenway, with final stop at Northwoods Drive [time constraint], and return. Stops on the way for accountability work [2 Men complete 100 total reps of first exercise, taking turns, 10 count at a time, while other pax holds second position]
-Merkins / planks
-Flutter kicks / 6″ leg hold
-Burpees / low plank hold
-Monkey humpers / squat hold
-Crab kickers / crab plank
-Star jumps / squat hold
-100 LBCs each pax oyo
-Plank hold waiting on traffic.

Circle up for COT.

Announcements: Mule Saturday; Bull April 1; Beer mile in May; tomorrow options are Tortoises, Vesper, and SNS

Prayers lifted for Biner’s wife, MaBell’s neighbor Anna, and Nabisco’s job search

YHC took us out with words on HONOR.

Be strong. Live with Honor and dignity. Hold to Godly values. Listen, learn, lead through service

– MaBell had his first experience with the pain sticks, really. Not sure if they are Nantan approved, but does it matter? #Starfish
– Asystole, we start on time, and then other times, like today, we have already started on time. Q fail
– Unsettling to see Nabs. Really, he makes time for Rush Hour because he has it. Prayers he finds his next chapter and can still make RH.
-All is fair in F3 except for the accountability Burpees and low plank hold. Honor remains. Pax gave their all.
-F3 in small numbers lends itself to good form. Or is it that we had Nabisco and his padwan Asystole, or did i get that backwards.
-It has been several years since I enjoyed the Northwoods Trail. No time to make it to Maynard. Goal reset.

It was a pleasure men.

Workout Date:
The PAX:

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