Forty-three Pax posted on a sultry morning, just right for some stress, strain and deflection.

Jog to the aquatics center parking lot for a warmup:

20x Side Shuffle hop

20x Imperial Walkers

20x Windmills

20x Sir Fazio Arm Circles

Jog to the courtyard at NCSU for some station work:

4 sets 10x Clock hand Merkins at the stairs, appropriately the time keepers for the rotation

Decline Merkins at the brick wall

Jump-ups at the benches


Dips at the bike rack


Jog to the tennis courts for some resistance work with stone, suitable for a fine foundation:

20x Curls

20x Overhead Press

20x Overhead Hold

20x Tricep Extension


Jog around the pond to the amphitheater for Mary:

25x High Slow Flutter Kicks

25x Reverse LBC

25x Rosalita

20x Russian Hammer

Single Count off for 6″ leg hold

Finish off with a 3-team Inchworm. Similar to industry, it often looks good on paper, but is seldom executed as planned in the field. Still, the Pax embraced the task and proceded to gain a few inches. Taking our duty to protect personnel and property above all else seriously; however, the structure was deemed unstable, and a redesign is presently on the table… How does one calculate that section modulus?

COT was spent in a high plank with an occassional knee to name four FNG’s – welcome, Gentlemen. Finally, White Shoe, who, by the way, is as tough as a boot strap, ceremoniously doned the aviators and presented part of GoRuck Class 604 with two commemorative patches. One with a tribute to Cadre Ben, the Angel of Death riding a unicorn (of course, a herd is a Blessing) on a reverse flying Texas state flag, the other with the sign of our F3 brotherhood. Wear them with pride men.