0545 the PAX could not tell what was darker the rookie QIC or the parking lot they were standing in. They quickly found out.


Warm up:

  1. 5 minute run down and around the cul-de-sac
  2.  Side Shuffle hops 20x
  3. Imperial Walkers 15x
  4. Good Mornings 15x
  5. Big Step Mountain Climbers 10x (started getting rough here)
  6. Standard Mericans 10x

Tha thang:

Segment 1- 6 Lines of 4.5 PAX at the back of the parking lot, Exercise to the 1st big tree, sprint to the 2nd big tree, jog back to your line.

High Knees, Butt Kickers, 10 Big Ole Squat Jumps, 5 Pogos per leg, (We stopped the job back part), Shuffles facing both ways, Karaoke facing both ways

Segment 2: High Intensity “insert body parts” here interval training.



  1. Alternating lunge jumps 10x
  2. Prisoner Squats 10x
  3. Squat Jumps 10x
  4. Single Leg Squats 5x each leg

Done in succession, 5 times.


  1. Standard Merican, 10x followed by arm raises 10x
  2. Diamond Merican 10x, followed by Tricep extensions 10x
  3. Wide Merican 10x, followed by flys 10x (feel that chest stretch)
  4. Dive Bomber Merican 10x, followed by 10x arm raises

Done in succession 3 times

Segment 3: Mary

  1. LBC 20x
  2. Russian Hammer 20x
  3. Freddie Mercury/ Richard Simmons 20x