Welcome to Mutiny. A workout that happened when PAX said yes, and the site Q (YHC) hesitated to do it. The email read, “K, we’re on for 5:15 for anyone interested. Honeycutt Park. Howard, if you can make it and lead great, if not we’ll wing it.” This is truly “participant led! Feeling like the sword of Damocles is hanging over my head, I bow to the pressure and show up to bring some pain. This was a special early start time at the request of Monster Biscuit.

Jog around the path around the lower field. Return to the parking lot to see if Vaseline can make it.
We warm up with SSH X 25; Crossover Imperial Walkers X 20; Mountain Climbers X 20; Good Mornings X 10; Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 10 X 10. Vaseline arrives mid-Mountain Climbers. Glad you made it brother.

Saunter over to the playground for Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Oh my. Pull Ups x 5, Merkins x 10, squats x 15. Do it again and again.

Over to the Pavilion for Jump Ups and Dips x 15 each with 3 sets

We found a bit of grass to enjoy a Plank-O-Rama with High Plank x 20, Chillcut x 20, Putin x 10, Sarkozy x 10, Shoulder Touches x 10

Head back to the playground for some cushy matting for our time with Mary. We had a lovely time doing Windshield Washers, LBCs, Rosa-Dollies, Hollow Man, Freddy Mercury, Superman, and a 6” leg hold.

We did a quick jog back for our COT.

I feel like I missed writing up some part of the workout. Maybe YHC talked too much and we didn’t get anything else done. I’ll try to make amends for that on Wednesday.

Honeycutt Park is directly across the street from a large health club (Bret Michael’s is a member and his wife works there as a personal trainer). YHC arrived ten minutes early (5:05) to see 10 cars already in the parking lot and a steady stream continuing to flow into their lot. #trainofsadclowns

9/11 Convergence for Memorial Stair Climb in Raleigh. South County workout will meet. All Raleigh beatdowns are cancelled. Meet @ Moore’s Square 6:00am.