8 PACs came to post this joyous morning and celebrate YHC turning 50. Nothing Special, Just a normal workout with an old guy leading. should be simple.

The Thang: Warm up jog to the middle of the field about 50 yards

  • Good mornings x25
    Imperial Walkers x25
    Side Straddle Hops x25
  • Windmills x25
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x25 reverse 25

Repeto to reach 50…. A pattern is starting to form!

Let’s go for a run.Run down to the YHCs selected route.  Merkin Indian run. Run until you reach  50 Merkins

Start 2nd lap Stop at the Matabolism hill  for some uphill fun.

To the top 5 Burppes down the hill  5 Star jumps  Plank out, recover, Repeto x 10  until that magic number of 50 Burpees and  50 Star Jumps (only two 10 counts)

Continue the run around to next obstical. Brick planters Step ups, Dips Eurkins, LBC

5 planters 10 each. That’s 50 Step ups, 50 Eurkins, 50 Dips and 50 LBC


Continue the run to the rock pile. Cool, that run was 2500 yards. Guess what the square root of 2500 is! That’s right it’s 50


  • We then walked to the rock pile, picked up a boulder and headed up the hill to the parking lot.
    • Bicep Curl x5
    • Overhead Press x5
    • Tricep Extension x5
    • Bent Over Row x5
    Repeat the set x10 to 50

Lose the rock and circle up we are done 50 plus minutes of 50.

COT: Prayers for Bob Ross and his family, Coach D’s Grandmother and Saban lifted up PAC from Cary and his family.

Get Ready for the January FNG Monday workout at the Leesville Park