20 pax assembled at the new earlier hour in the misty gloom at F3 Raleigh’s original weekday workout.


  • Mosey up to stone circle
  • Warmup COP: SSH-20x  Imperial Walker-20x  Good Morning-10x  Mtn Climber-20x  Merkin-10x
  • Mosey around Washington loop with merkin (10x) break half way
  • Sprint up Washington to Washington (#wormhole) and 10 burpees at top – yog back down and plank – do this 3 times
  • Mosey to base of Hamburger Hill
  • Dirty MacDeuce with a run up hill to house of cats and back between sets
    • Sets: 1) Diamond-Squat-LBC  2) Wide Grip-Lunge-Rosalita  3) Dry Dock-Reverse Lunge-Bicycle  4) Merkin-Star Jump-Heels to Heaven
  • Mosey over to picnic shed and count of 1’s and 2’s
  • 2’s dogleg left up and around lamp post while 1’s do AMRAP pulls ups – flapjack – 2
  • Mosey to Oak Grove
  • Mary:  Flutter Kicks-20x  Alternating Oblique Crunch-20x  American Hammers-10x



  • Metamorphosis moving to Mondays – Cujo needs a ride to Ball Bearings on Wednesdays now from RRM
  • Ethanol moving to Crabtree at 5:30 next week
  • Strong work out there today by all – it’s awesome to see the sustained growth throughout the region – and to know that, no matter what else is going on in our lives, our brothers in F3 are going to be there to push us on.