After debating what constitutes a proper disclaimer 13 Pax set out on a little pre-Halloween stroll around Fletcher park.  We took a jog along the Washington St circle next to the park and managed to work in 4 sets of 5 Burpees.

Mosey down to the flower sculpture for some warm up, 20x SSH, Windmill, Sir Fazio Arm Circle (10 fwd, 10 back), Good Morning

Next we rolled out of the swamp and to the base of the hill.  Bear Crawl up to the fence and Bear Crawl back down for 3 round trips.  One more crawl up the hill and a short jog over the base of Hamburger Hill.

Partner Burpee Ladder 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1.  One partner ran up the hill and performed Burpee(s) while the other partner planked eagerly awaiting their return.  Partners flapjack.  Partner 1 did the odd reps with Partner 2 did the evens.  We worked in a Sarkozy and Putin to wrap up our hill work.

Mosey over to the stone circle to grab some wall for Dips, Shrugs (Presbyterian Lap Dance as I was told), Jump Ups and Split Squats.  15-12-10 reps or thereabouts.  Added in 2 rounds of incline and decline merkins to finish it off.

A Full Six Minutes of Mary:  25x LBCs, 20x Freddie Mercuries, 25x Hello Dolly’s, 20x Leg lifts, 20x WWII sit ups, 15x Russian Hammers

COT:  We discussed things.  Go work out with Dufresne.