A day late but here nonetheless..Wednesday seems to bring out a big group..not sure why but it does. Today was no different and folks were lit. YHC feeds from the crowd and had some guys ready to do work. Off we went.

Mosey to gym lot for:12xgood mornings, 12x mtn climbers, 15x IW’s and so on. Mosey down to intersection (you know the one) and partner up. 20x partderkens each and times 2. Good one. Up to the shelter for 1-2-3. 100 merkens as a team, 200 dips as a team and 300 prisoner squats…as a team. Down to other shelter for 1-2. 100 l/r step ups. 200 lbcs. off partner runs parking lot laps and back..did about 6-7 laps each. Down to kiosk for 1-2-3. Plankhold around the horn while each man does 1 merken, 2 and then 3 in order. had to be there. Billy run up the hill and backward run to start. Boat/canoe x 20 or so, wwII sit ups.

COT. Great job men.

NM: Nature boys ear warmer is awesome. that is all.