It was a crisp October morning.  29 PAX gathered across the street from the Capitol.  No FNGs, no disclaimer.  We jogged around to the other side of the Capitol to knock out the warm up – Mtn Climbers x 15, Good Mornings x 10, SSH x 20, and Imperial Walkers x 20.

The Thang

Next up YHC heard Fungo say “I bet we are running down Fayetteville St”…and sure enough…YHC immediately called a run down Fayetteville St.  Coincidence?  Unclear at this point.  As the PAX finished the 1/2 mile run, YHC called out various plank exercises.  Then we counted off to split into two different groups for the Uphill Slalom back up Fayetteville St.  PAX completed Standard Merkins x 15 and LBCs (per Fungo’s request) x 15 each time they crossed Fayetteville St.  YHC called out Freddie Mercuries x 25 and Dying Cockroaches x 25 while all the PAX finished the slalom.

Then we jogged over to the parking deck on corner of McDowell and Edenton.  Run backwards up first four flights, followed by side shuffle up the next two, skipping up the next one, and running the rest.  YHC called out Prisoner Squats x 20 while the PAX finished the parking deck climb.  Next, we tackled a Chilcut Hold and Six Inch Leg Hold pyramid – cadence counting for each starting with 5, then 10, 15, 20, and back down the pyramid with 15, 10, and 5.  Fair amount of chatter during these exercises.  Followed it up with a series of Modified Jack Webbs – Standard Merkins x 10 with Air Press x 10, repeato with Wide Grip Merkins, Spiderman Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, Left/Right Stagger Merkins, and RIght/Left Stagger Merkins.  We took the stairs to exit the deck and jogged back to the starting point.

Mary / COT

LBCs x 25 and American Hammer x 25.  YHC challenged PAX with thought as we think about our marriages and family relationships – “to love someone is to chose yourself last everyday.”  Final exercise was Have a Nice Day.

Announcements: Pig Pickin at NH Club next Saturday; Q Commons forum downtown tonight at Church on Morgan; sign up for Krispy Kreme challenge this Saturday for $20; 3rd F event on Nov 3rd at Christ Our King.

Prayer requests: For Bullhorn and his family with passing of his father earlier this week and those tragically impacted by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and the US.

It was a pleasure to lead a great group of men this morning.  Thanks for the opportunity.

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