Cletus had a good number this morning in the gloom. 16 brave PAX came to the triple S workout to get a taste of the beatdowns at Possum Trot. Once the PAX got to the lower parking lot, the chatter started with what they were seeing in store for them. Heres how the beatdown took place.

Warm Up
Jog down to lower lot. Then slides half way in parking lot switching half way. Jog the turn then karaoke the back side switching half way.
Burpees x10 OYO
SSH x25
Merkin Mtn Climbers x15
Sumo squats x20
Good mornings x10

The Thing – Stations 4 pax per group
1. Tires – tire jump in/outs x15, flip tire with center jump x15, tire carry 25 yds
2. Cinder blocks – hop merkins x10, brickees x10, triceps x15, kettle swings x15
3. Jump ropes x100 forward, squats x50, JRx100 backwards
4. Lap around track & pull ups at playground x15
Round 2 but cut in half due to time

Mary (half n half) 2 groups started mary in lower lot while 2 groups went back to courts for mary. We all got in some abs, so it worked out.

Announcements – Starbucks run tomorrow 10 milers starting at 5:15, 7 milers @ 5:40, 5 @ 6
Darby posted event details on FB page for activity miles logged to raise awareness, NM recommended book posted on FB page.

Prayers – Darby thankful for group and impact of prayer on his life, BS battling health concerns and surgery likely, prayers for flood victims

Reading of Proverbs 17:17 – A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
New Mexico closed us in prayer