Seven daring ruckers headed off for a 6am trip through the fog for some pre-Pullen fun.  This morning we even had a few folks who are not attending the Feb GORUCK, but wanted to join in the fun of toting some bricks around.  Of course our ever-present 28lb chunk of concrete named Buddy was there too.  Apparently however Mr. White Shoe decided that Buddy was not the right name for such a great friend!  In standard White Shoe fashion, his first suggestion can only be repeated using the initials BP.  Other suggestions of Frank and Key Lo seem to have stuck too.  So, I guess it’s something like Frank BP Buddy, aka Key Lo.  Go figure!

Since we were doing a double down and needed to be back by 7am for the standard Pullen beatdown we decided to get moving.  Plan was to stop every 5 minutes or so and enjoy some form of pain, handing off Key Lo to a different PAX each time.

Pain enjoyed along the way…

Multiple sets of 20 merkins, in cadence (can’t remember if it was 4 or 5)

5 hill repeats at Fartsack Hill

2-3 sets of 20 squats

Up/down the stairs in the parking deck several times with karaoke from one stairwell to the other

Walking lunges through the tunnel and at the bottom of stairs

Box jumps when we couldn’t get into Harrelson Hall on NCSU campus


The Buck Rogers report says I burned 847 calories, so all in all a good warmup and 2.3 miles covered.