My apologies to the PAX this morning for a scatter brained workout.  Structure was a fail, but there were still sweat and groans. 21 PAX held their end of the bargain and posted for Late Night.  There were a few rounds of mumble chatter. Deuce was put off by my militant request to hit the wet ground, but conceded anyway. Way to get wet.

Extra credit for bullhorn, fava bean, bubbles and YHC.  Run to the hill for 6s of merkins and split squats.  End with Peter Parker merkins.

The opener led us to the grass where the first step was to get down on backs to let the cold and wet sink in. Roll left to end up on the stomach to soak in more. Superman to dying cockroach a few times and then up to warm up. 20 ssh, 10 imperial walkers, 10 merkins, jog to the parking deck hill to pair up.

the thang 

P1 runs backward up the hill for 10 merkins while P2 holds low plank.  Flapjack.  Run to the Lourdes parking lot and split into teams.  Each team sent one man to the other side of the pot while those left behind cycled through merkins, LBCs and squats (I believe-this is where structure began to break down)  losing team ran through 20 handshake merkins while winners went through plank progression.  Team 1 took first round. Second round changed to burpees, split squats and Freddy Mercurys.  Team 2 took honors and went through plank progression while team 1 had handshake merkins.

Run to Lourdes staircase for a people’s chair followed by 15 Peter Parker merkins, down the stairs and back to the grass for a round of Guantanamo, boxcutters, Freddy Mercurys and a second round of Guantanamo  (Deuce made his opinion to my request to hit the ground known, point taken)  “finished up” with plank progression until LD let the group know there was still 10 minutes left.  Mumble chatter ensued as we ran to the hill for merkin suicides.  Squat hold until all finished. Dash back to the grass for COT.

Thoughts and prayers:  YHCs dad just got out of the hospital with a bacterial infection that found its way into his blood.  A big reason for my distraction.  Linda kept prayers alive for new mothers and all the babies being born amongst everyone.

Announcements:  best of luck to all those participating in the mud run this weekend.  Go crush it.  Those going camp seagull and seafarer will have a Saturday workout starting at 5:45.  Pigpen to lead seafarer and YHC to lead seagull.  Dads only, but may consider a second workout later in the day for little Braves and princesses.  Also the original dad/kids workout is coming.  There are a few sites open tomorrow, Maize will send out those on Twitter

Bullhorn took us out with a solid prayer