SF planted. Course adjusted¬†following the previous night’s weather festivities. After all, this the Wolf Run and not the Mud Run. There will be plenty of time for that on Saturday. 4 PAX assembled with nothing disclaimed, and we were off.

  • Run down centennial, and hang a left heading into Dix. Run, stop, walk, dodge cars, walk, run again across Western. Get onto the greenway heading west through South Central NCSU. Right on Dan Allen. Before railroad bridge, turn right through central campus housing. After winding behind the renovated student center, give it the gas up Morrill Drive. (a gentle rise…well maybe a hill).
  • Cross Western, running down Avent Ferry. Left onto Centennial. Give it the gas up the hill. Right onto Oval. Give it the gas one more time down Oval and back to shovel flag.
  • Done!! 4.35 miles


  • BRR, GoRuck in the fall
  • F3 Dads 4/25 at Fletcher Park
  • Convergence at Chavis Park on April 18.
  • The Arena today. Be present. #ISI
  • Mud Run tomorrow. Be safe brothers.


  • Much discussion through fellowship pace this am: Jersey Boys, Basketball, BauHaus (or Marxist) architecture, arbitrary F3 naming rituals, Grillz having the corner market on Friday dentistry, among other items.
  • Even though we packed proper merkin equipment, it was not needed.
  • Munson is heading to the Masters on Sunday. Look for him in the gallery wearing Duke National Championship gear, cringing at the possibility of a professional “Yipping”, all while singing tunes from Jersey Boys. Yep, could stick out like a sore thumb.
  • It was an honor to lead this morning. Humbled.