The pre-dawn men of Cary gathered at North Cary Park and enjoyed the brisk 26 degrees of a beautiful Friday morning.

The Thang:
jog around the parking lot
windmills x15
imperial walkers x15
merkins x10
squats x15

jog to the swings:
10 knee tucks
10 inverted rows
10 ssh
10 knee tucks
10 inverted rows
10 ssh

jog to the soccer field for leg medley:
20 yard – karaoke, 10 count plank, karaoke back
20 yard – high knees, 10 count plank, high knees
20 yard – butt kickers, 10 count plank, butt kickers
20 yard – lunge walk, 10 count plank, lunge walk

to the pavement for mary:
lbc x15
lbc with hold at the top x15
russian hammers x10
froggies x10
6 inch leg hold (10 count around the circle)

jog to the basketball court:
shuffle the key, plank, shuffle the key back x2
shuffle to 5 major lines, 2 burpees at each
shuffle from corner to corner, 5 squats at each corner
peoples chair 10 count, run to mid court 2 burpees, run back x5

jog to the picnic area;
dips x10
incline merkins x10
chilkut x15
crossfit merkins x10
freddy mercury x10
decline merkins x10


tclaps to CeeLo for his first post at the Danger Zone
according to Wonk’s fitbit, we travelled 2 miles- didn’t feel like 1