15 men and 4 shovelflags. A great way to end the week. Spirits were high and the weather a bit cool, but the PAX were ready to roll.

Jog around the pickle and circle up at bottom of the hill. Standard warm up of 15x good mornings, 15x mtn climbers, 10x merkens, 10 of SFAC forward and back. Jog down to the long bridge. Get in groups of 3. One man on one side, one on the other and one man bearcrawling (this is a very long bridge). P1 is WWII sit ups, P2 is starjumps. This went on for some time (about 14 minutes). Jog back up the hill to bottom of the pickle. One man to top of hill one man at bottom and one man running. P1 doing prisoner squats, P2 doing freddy mercs. This went on for 9 minutes. Jog over to basketball court. One man on each end, one man gorilla hop halfway and run the rest. P1 homer to marge, p2 doing mercs. Go for 7 minutes. Find a spot on the fence. 10 count down the line doing peoples chair. Circle up for mary by Angry Elf and Burt.

COT and Prayers.

Flip Flop was nice enough to bring us some Gatorade refreshment. Great group this am.