Workout Date: 04/30/21
This is my second South Wake Q of the year, and also my second of 2021 at Womble Park. I had hopes to bring my FNG from March back out, but no dice.

Warm Up:
Give the mission statement, check for FNGs, give the disclaimer, and warm up:
Side Straddle Hop x20 In Cadence (IC)
Good Morning x10 IC
Imperial Walker x20 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 IC Forward x10 IC Reverse
Monkey Humpers x10 IC
Standard Merkins x10 On My Down (OMD)
Mountain Climbers x10 IC
Downward Dog with calf isolation stretches
World’s Greatest Stretch

Main Event
1) Partner up and mosey to the South end of the parking lot for BALLS:
Burpees x10
American Hammers x20
Lunges x30
LBCs x40
Squats x50
Partner 1 runs to the far end of the parking lot and back while the Partner 2 exercises. Flapjack when Partner 1 returns. Each Partner keeps their own counts and picks up where they left off when they come back from running. When squats are completed, start over. Continue for 4-5 running laps for each partner.
2) Mosey to picnic shelter for 10-15-10 pyramid of Left-Right Step Ups, Irkins, Dips, Elevated LBCs, Derkins
3) Mosey to rock pile for various rock exercises (Curls, Triceps, Overhead Press, Bent Over Rows, Rock Taps (Nipplers, but tap rock instead of nipples), etc. Stay at Rock pile for Mary.

Mary with the rocks: American Hammers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Elevated Homer to Marge, etc.
Have a Nice Day.

Announcements: South Wake Challenge (Q sheets are already full for May!), F3 South Wake Dads on Saturday, Blood Drive. F3 Wendell on Saturdays, F3 Day of Service 6/19.
Multiple prayers, including healing for a nephew’s child, a parent with COVID symptoms, and travelling families.
UTI took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
Womble is a lot darker in the morning than in the evening! We hung out in the well-lit parking lot until things started to get brighter.
During the workout I learned that Cletus is named after the character in the Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor movies, not the character from the Simpsons.
YHC was feeling the generation gap with some mumble chatter about FloJo. PAX knew the Sir Mix a Lot reference but didn’t know whom he was referencing.
Using rocks/blocks in Mary has been a nice switch up.
Offsite coffeeteria was nice, once I was sure I hadn’t gotten lost on the way.
Nice group of guys, hope to see more of South Wake in the future!
This was my thirty-fourth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q. Next Q is Monday at Garner Station in…uh… Garner.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Abe, Florence/FloJoe, Katniss, Pigpen, UTI
Workout Date: 04/30/21