Forty-Three degrees this morning at Disabled List. YHC noted the typical cone-a-rama block off of 90% of the spaces around the courtyard circle again this morning. There were also a few vehicles parked and running with occupants (which YHC deduced were F3 Pax waiting for Dice to hit the scene….but more likely just waiting on it to get closer to Q-Up time to stay warm a little longer.)

All else appeared routine…but wait, what is this….Azul’s Tweet end of last week was correct… after 5 1/2 weeks of waiting…my Streetlamp, named “Desire”, was MIA. Fixed? You ask. Not exactly. She’s gone, and in her place was an orange cylinder as a silent tombstone marking her absence. How long will it be before a new Streetlamp is erected? My SWAG is two days before Thanksgiving, or Christmas, Holiday shopping season and all. Stay Tuned.



No FNGs (at the start, FNG showed about 3 minutes after start of program) so F3 disclaimer head nod given.

There were a few new to the Recovery Road workouts – so the typical RR disclaimer / instruction given: If it hurts, don’t do it. If you think it’s going to hurt, skip it and opt for a different exercise – jump back in with the Pax when we hit something you can do. In short, don’t be a (Dice edit).

The Thang

Warm-up – Astroturf:

25x SSH, Slow Pace

20x Good Morning, Stretch

20x Imperial Walker

10/10x Arm Circles

20x Prayer Squat, Stretch

20x Windmill, Stretch

20x Mountain Climber

10/10x Shoulder / Neck Rolls

20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch


Set One – AstroTurf:

25x SSH, Fast Pace

20x LBC (2 reps per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)

30 Pax Count Plank

20x A. Hammer (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)

30 Pax Count Plank

20x Elevated Crunch

(Starting at the movement into the elevated crunch position a Pax -who shall remain nameless – ripped off a release of posterior gaseous emanation loud enough to hear echos from the surrounding mall structure. Poor, Poor Jeter was already committed to his elevated crunch position on the same bench as the offender and was thus forced to endure an added torment for at least a minute. This was totally uncalled for at such an early stage of the work-out. What is the reverse of a T-Clap? )

30 Pax Count Plank

20x Freddie Mercury

30 Pax Count Plank

20x Reverse LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)

30 Pax Count Plank

10x Low Slow Flutter

30 Pax Count Plank


Set Two – JCP Fountain:

25x SSH, Fast Pace

15 Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 30 reps for studs)

15x Dips

15/15x Step-ups

(Apparently Gnobby finds the Q’s Step-ups to be child’s play as he opted into Box Jumps – And our FNG in circle set to his left followed in suit).

15x Derkins

15x Elevated Crunch

20 Q Count

15 Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 30 reps for studs)

15x Dips

15/15x Step-ups

(Substitute Gnobby Box Jumps)

15x Derkins

15x Elevated Crunch


Final Set, Mary – AstroTurf: No Break Between Exercises

25x SSH, Break Neck Pace

10x Prayer Squat

10x LBC (2 reps per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)

10x Merkin (2 reps per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)

10x Prisoner Squat

10x A. Hammer (2 reps per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)

10x Diamond Merkin (Q did not witness any doubling up here)

10x Sumo Squat

10x Reverse LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)

10x Derkins

10x Mountain Climbers

10x Ski Abs

10x Burpees, OYO (Q acknowledged a Larry David influence on this call)

10/10x Leg Extensions

20 Pax Count per: Plank – Sarkozy – Plank – Putin – Plank

30 Pax Count ChilCut


Name-O-Rama – 9

FNG “Hook-up” introduced. (Curtis works at US Fitness thus WhiteShoe offered up Discount / Hook-up…..)


Mud Run this Saturday

Fridays (Standing) Happy Hour – Back at Ridgewood Beer 5:00 ish.

Steroid starts another chapter in his illustrious career today – Well deserved T-Claps for his perseverance. Aye.

Prayer Requests:

Steroid put one out there in thanks of the support he received both directly and indirectly thru F3.



Gnobby took us out. Thankful for those of us on the mend who can get out there and still do something.


After BOM, the flatulent offender of mention offered up his Epstein’s Mother to the Pax – “Sorry guys, I had like 8 cookies for dinner last night” as if that provides an adequate appology or an explanation for having done the exact same thing three times last Friday at Lame Duck! Yeah, Dice is like an elephant….he tends not to forget prior offenses. If this develops into a pattern – (1) No more cookies for you and (2) renaming to “Swamp Gas” will be requested.

¬†What is up with the formatting today – I’m getting double line spacing everywhere!