75 quarter

13 PAX members and Apex’s bad A dog took on Apex Community Park this morning and we’re better for it! Here’s what we did:

– Mosey into the Park (#gateslocked #g&gsleptin) for COP – SSH, GM, Merkin, MC, Wide Grip Merkin, Peter Parker

– Mosey toward the rock pile with exercise on the way (Karaoke, Backwards run, and High knees)

– Rock – (Curls, Overhead press, triceps)

– Indian run with your rock – two times around the circle

– Mosey to the basketball court with your rock for Jacob’s ladder (Burpees/Merkins)

– Circle up in the middle of the basketball court for the Rock exercises

– Drop off the rock and head back toward our cars

– Stop for bear crawls, backward bear crawl and an awesome Carolina Choo Choo line #tough #corestrength

– Mosey to parking lot for Mary – LBC, Boat/Canoe, and ‘Merican hammers

– Partner up – Suicide while the other partner does 20 Merkins/20 Mountain Climbers

– Finish with a sprint to the end of the parking lot and back.


Naked Moleskin:

– Franklin has a big rock. Well, that’s what she said. We passed rocks around the circle and he got the short end of the stick as we ran for about ten minutes with our coupons. Sorry bro.

– 75% dominated the Apex grounds this morning. He was bowing up to every dog in the area and spreading the F3 word. #soldier

– Grease Monkey came late. In other news, the sky is blue and ice is cold.

– Apex tries to keep us out of the park at least once a month. We never let that stop us as numbers keep growing each week. #rollin’rock #moss

– Michelob is fast and he has endurance. When we talk him into leading sometime soon, bring your racing shoes. He’s our resident Ulta marathon runner!

– Wonder Bread? Are you out there? Lots of calls for your attendance this morning…show up next week! We need ya!


– Thanksgiving run in Raleigh and Cary! Do it!

– Burt has a football game scheduled for 9:30 that may involve adult beverages. Contact him for more information. #readthewaiver #stretch


– Wonk’s new addition, Cousin’s new addition?, and Burt’s daughter’s friend who was diagnosed with an auto immune disease.

Grease took us out.

Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3.