… It’s been a long day. That’s about all you’re going to get in the way of creative titles… That said, here’s the no frills version of Tuesday’s BB:


  • SSH x25
  • Mountain Climbers x25
  • Windmills x15
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 (L), x10(R)

Tha Thang:

Stop #1: The Bridge

  • Run to 1st bridge
  • Bear crawl across both bridges
  • Squats x30
  • Bear crawl back across broth bridges
  • Lunges x30
  • Bear crawl across broth bridges
  • Merkins x30

Head over to the Pavilion…

Stop #2: The Pavilion

  • L/R Stepups x20
  • Dips x20
  • Erkins x20
  • L/R Stepups x12
  • Dips x12
  • Erkins x12
  • L/R Stepups x6
  • Dips x6
  • Erkins x6
  • End with 20 slow-motion, incline mountain climbers (focus on core)

Stop #3: The Steps (Partners)

  • Partner 1 runs the steps
  • Partner 2 does squats
  • Flapjack until you reach x100

Plank until everyone is done…

  • Partner 1 runs the steps
  • Partner 2 does Merkins
  • Flapjack until you reach x100

LBCs until everyone is done…

Stop #4: Mary

  • Slow-motion, incline mountain climbers x20
  • LBCs on the wall x25
  • Toe Touches x15
  • Rosalitas x20
  • FM x15


Prayers for Picante’s family, Munson’s mother-in-law, & Hush Puppy’s family.

Announcements: Make sure you come out this Thursday for the 9/11 Stair Run (or whatever the hell the official name is). 05:30am at Crabtree. // Please sign up for the Mule on 10/25. Its important for us to get an idea of roughly how many folks plan on participating. // Happy hour at Boylan Bridge Brew Pub on 9/18