Another quiet early morning at North Hills Mall peacefully watching the twenty-something ladies on their way to the Fern next door while adorned in their suitable treadmill attire was interrupted by the realization that (1) like Roger Murtough in Lethal Weapon paraphrased…I’m getting too old for this shtick…. as these ladies are likely closer to my daughters age than my own….and (2) other “seasoned by years” F3 pax were showing up for a workout, with limp, gimp and backaches on display. If they were expecting some kind of magical cure all elixir of health to be dispensed by YHC, they were sorely disappointed.

Intro and Disclaimer: The usual boilerplate plus; Injured Reserve is part of Recovery Road, a group of non-running w/o focused primarily on core strength and some conditioning.

The current triad of active AOs (Mon – Disabled List, Wed – Injured Reserve and Fri – Lame Duck) are aimed at Pax on the mend from various injuries, those new to F3 who’d benefit from a staggering off from the more run intensive posts, and the experienced with road weary legs.


Proper form is key. If you know you can’t do an exercise or you find an exercise hurts, skip it, pick another of the options exercises then jump back in when the Pax hits an exercise you can do. Don’t do something which hurts, as that’s how many guys have found their way to Recovery Road in the first place.


No mumble chatter regarding who’s not doing what exercises. If you can do the entire workout without missing a beat or breaking a sweat, congratulations you deserve a medal from your Mama – and probably should get your overachieving self back to full impact battery asap.

The Thang:

Warm-up: Artificial Turf

SSH Slow Pace 25

Good Morning Slow Pace Stretch 20

Imperial Walker Stretch 20

Prayer Squat Slow Pace Stretch 20

SF Arm Circles F/R 10/10

Mountain Climbers 20

Dips Slow 10


Cycle 1: Artificial Turf

SSH Fast Pace  25

Windmill Stretch 15

Irkins Slow 15

LBC 15

Derkins Slow 15

MakTar-Jai  10

Prisoner Squat 15


Recovery on the walk to Two Step fountain

Cycle 2: Two Step Fountain

SSH Fast Pace 25

Irkins Low 15

Dips 15

Irkins High 15

Step-ups Switch legs at 15    15/15

Derkins 15


Cycle 3: Two Step Fountain

SSH Fast Pace 25

Irkins Low 10

Dips 10

Irkins High 10

Step-ups Switch legs at 10    10/10

Derkins 10


Recovery on the walk to Artificial Turf

Mary: Artificial Turf

SSH Fast Pace 25

American Hammers to fail  (Epoxy 62)

Carolina Dry Docks to fail  (Tin Cup to 32)

LBC to fail or 50 (Epoxy 50+)

Burpees 10

Plank 30 Count by Q

Chilcut to fail (Epoxy just short of 2 minutes)



9/11 Stair Climb Tomorrow – 5:30 start, arrive at 5:15 back parking lot of Crabtree Mall – by Panera Entrance

Next Recovery Road w/o is Lame Duck Friday 5:45a @ Root Elementary Lassiter Lot

F2 Event Ridgewood Beer Fridays – standing event on calander check for Twitter for info

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Floppy Disks Family

Prayers for Hush Puppies Family

Prayers for F3 who are trying to recover for injury

BOM: Slash with thanks for the opportunity to get together, to work out,  to live in a free country to enjoy what we have that others do not.