4 Pax met at Action Park to sludge through the Muck this morning.  Seemed like we were all dragging until Lipton let us know the great news that our Prayers had been answered!  More on that later first the work out.

Warm Up- Jog around the Park, Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Arm Circles, Mercans, Mtn Climbers.

M-Run- 10 mins- with running, Karaoke, backwards runs, side shuffle, sprint, hops, line jumps

The Stump- OYO max out

The Peoples Chair

Suicides- 4 Tennis Courts- long run first with Star Jumps X10, X8, X6, X4

Indian Run

The Dip X20

Durkens Max

Step Ups X 40

The Dip Max

Mary- WWII sit ups x 25, LBCs X 30, Homer to Marge x 30, 6 inch Leg Hold

COT- Now the Great News!!  We’ve been praying for Lipton as he’s been on a Job Hunt and we found out our Prayers had been answered!!  Lipton got the news yesterday and will have his offer today!!  How Great God is that he hears us and answered our Prayers!!  Howard asked that we Pray for him and his family as they decide which Mission they’ll take next.