I am sure we all remember our first time. Well we had a few first times today at True Grit. Cherry Berry’s first Q, Stairmaster first post of 2014, Wilson’s first True Grit post 2014, Halftime’s first post, and Chong’s first post two days after the GORUCK. Strong work by the PAX of 14.

The Thang:

Butt Kickers and High Knees up the path to the field to continue the wwarm up;

12 x Merkins, 20 x Mountain Climbers, 20 x Good Mornings, 20 x Windmills.

Yog to the top of the Dam and Bear Crawl to the first bench. Cherry Berry took the reigns and yogged us around the lake stopping every three to five minutes to do 15 x Merkins, 12 x Wide Grip Merkins 15 x Carolina Dry Docks, and 10 x One Legged BurPees. Cherry Berry seeing the pull up bars ordered us to partner up and do max Pull-UPS OYO finishing off with your partner helping on three more. While waiting on your arm burn the rest of the Pax did squats. Stairmaster seeing an opportunity to pull a Larry Drew starts talking with a bike rider and like the ace pitch man Stairmaster is he coax the bike rider to ditch his bike and join the rest of the workout. Well done Stairmaster! Finished off with a sprint across the field for Mary;

20x American Hammers

20x Freddy Mercury

20x Low Slow Flutter

20x Russian Hammers (Muble Chatter from Chong)



Prayers for Halftime’s presentations for the day. Pray everything went well. Spending time with Stairmaster can only improve your swag.

Prayers for Cherrie Berries’ surfer friends on the loss of another surfer buddy.

Prayers for Dufrensne and family.

Second F opportunity at Crafty Beer with FREE Lilly’s Pizza May 8th.

Always great to get out in the Gloom even greater to co Q with our man Cherry Berry