5:45 on Friday, time for a beer, break out the kegs. That is exactly what the 12 pack of PAX did in the gloom on a recent glorious Friday morning.

The Thang:

Warm Up- Run around parking lot, line up for G’mornings x15,sprint to end of lot and back, Imp Walkers x 15, sprint, Windmills x 15, Sprint, Merkins x 10.

Jog past playground to greenway. Partner up for Catch me if you Can, catch partner then 4 Burpees. Finish at cross street, about half a mile up hill. Plankorama at end, rinse and repeat back to start.

Return to parking lot and unveil the 6 kegs (5 gallon kegs filled with liquid, total weight apromimately 50 pounds) in the back of the Zimamobile. Each pair grabs a keg and jogs to baseball field. Line up near 3rd base on the edge of outfield for

Sink or Swim:
Partner A performs AMRAP with keg exercise while Parnter B runs to outfield fence and back. Exercises included:
-Curls, squats, keg Shouldering, keg Carry, keg swing, clean and press, keg plank, triceps extension, overhead press and f3 nations first ever keg burpees. (PAX favorite). A few other exercises may have been thrown in, PAX sound off if you can remember.

Circle up for Mary:
Pass the keg
LBC with kegs
WW 2 sit ups with keg (nearly impossible)
American Hammer
6 inch leg hold around circle.

Finish, time for a beer.




-T claps to the PAX for pushing through the running and keg exercises, not much mubblechatter.
-T claps to the members of the PAX who had back to back Zima mornings: YHC thinks it was Kokomo, Dingo and Beaver.
-Catch if you can in the darkness of the woods is not easy, strategy is to tag anyone you reach.
-T claps to Rouge for helping YHC get his car started after the beatdown.
-T claps to Les for being patient while YHC took his time getting this BB out.