YHC signed up for this date at DZ several months ago to celebrate one year of F3.

No idea it was going to be in the middle of a 6-pack week for 6 of us. An unnamed PAX tried to convince me to take it easy on those 6 by strategically dividing the group. When 21 showed up, that plan was nixed and it would be pain for all.

Warm Up:
Brisk jog around the parking lot and circle up
 SSH x 12
 IW x 12
 GM x 12
 Sir Fazio x 12
 Reverse
 Merkins x 52

The Thang:
Mozy the long way down the greenway to the wide bridge
 Bear crawl across -10 merkins on the other side
 Lunge walk back – 10 WW2 situps
 Crab walk across – 15 merkins
 Lunge walk back – 15 WW2s
 Gorilla hop across 20 merkins
 Lunge walk back 20 WW2s

Indian run to the shovel flag and count off 1’s and 2’s
Mozy to field and form 2 plank lines facing each other with space between PAX
Leap over legs and do burpee between planked PAX until all have completed the line

Run the 4 corners of field
 10 merkins at 1st cone
 20 merkins at 2nd cone
 30 merkins at 3rd cone
 40 merkins at 4th cone

Mozy to hoops court
1’s – standard suicide
2’s – BTTW
1’s – karaoke suicide
2’s – people’s chair

Confirm total merkin count at 197
3 merkins OYO

Captain Thor with big boy sit ups /American hammers
1 sit up/2 hammers in cadence
Q gassed at 7/14 plus we were out of time

F3 Dads this Saturday at Fletcher Park at 9:30 AM
Earhart has F3 stickers if anyone would like them

Prayer Requests:
Ollie’s father, who had a serious fall, breaking a number of bones.
Danny, friend of Saban, who is still trying to recover from small plane crash from a couple of months ago.
Family members of the other plane victim, who lost his life.
Shut-in’s shoulder
Praise for the healthy birth of Chef Tell’s daughter

It was an honor to celebrate 52 weeks of F3 with such a fine group of men. YMC humbly thanks all.