anniversary celebration for Kid Cracker and 20 other brave souls who dared to see what evil workout was planned.

How ’bout them legs, boys!?

warm up jog to the giant uphill parking lot                             25ssh, imperial walkers, hillbillies, quad stretch, fozzio, shoulder ROM exercises, downward do/runners/DD/pigeon, scorpion twist stretch

365 Beatdown.  Partner up.  Carry partner full length of the entire lot.  Top of the hill……

30 Mericans.  40 low slow flutter 3 count.  50 squats.

Jog sprint jog to the bottom.

Switch partner carry.  Repeat 30 Mericans 40 Low slow and 50 squats

jog sprint jog back.   Switch partner carry full length again.

30 Mericans.  40 low slow flutters.  55 Squats for a total of 365 REPS!!!!!

recover on the jog to the stairwell.  Partner up and carry your brother up the 70+ stairs for a new F3 ball buster benchmark.  Switch up and repeat.

Recover er on the jog.

Forecast calls for THUNDER!!!!

thunderstruck SSH Burpee burnout to close it all out.


Good work, brothers!  It’s an honor to know you all.