18 men gathered for some fun in downtown Cary this am.  A good group by most any measure and everyone seemed in a good mood. YHC liked the feeling he was getting. With that, the group was off and to the usual spot for the warm ups.

15xgood mornings, 15x mtn climbers, 15x merkens, 15xIW’s. Fast mosey to rock pile down the road. Get one and move down to lower lot. 20xrock curls. This is when Callahan started talking faster than he was thinking. He said something about “in cadence” after YHC called OYO. He was serious, and he knew he had overstepped his bounds. But once it was out all he could do was deal with the onslaught of heckling that came with it. I think moments like these are good for him, cathartic, if you will. You see, Callahan was trying to find fault with YHC and his Q. That, in itself, is fine. But when you say something that should have put you in time out for a while, well, you are on your own kid. Consider this an opportunity for growth Callahan, for learning and getting better. After all, we are all out there for self-improvement.

Following the rock curls and Callahans gaffe, partner up. P1’s take off to end of lot and 10x merkens. P2’s WWII sit ups with rocks. Flapjack. Again, except P1’s to top of church lot and 20x merkens and back. P2’s WWII sit ups until your partner back. Flapjack. Next time P1’s all the way up to library and 30x merkens and back. P2’s more WWII’s. Flapjack. Plank 10 count around the ring. 20x rock curls oyo and extensions. P1’s lunge walk down to end of lot and 10x merkens, bear crawl back. P2’s Hammers with rocks until P1 returns. Flapjack. 30x rock curls oyo. Plank around the ring. Next P1’s sprint down to end and 20x merkens and lunge walk back. P2’s lbc’s. Flapjack. 50x rock curls oyo.

Rocks back and to start spot. 20x dips and 10x darkens. Back to start and 30x dying cockroach’s.

COT and Burt took us out.

NMS. See above.