So it has become YHC’s mission to prove that anyone can run at Tahoe.  How do you Q a workout when you are half a mile behind everyone else?  Let me show you.

The Thang


  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Good Mornings x10

The Sweeper
We jogged down to St Albans Drive off of Lassiter Mill (thanks to Maize for introducing YHC to this route a couple weeks ago).  Everyone here is faster than YHC so here is what we are going to do.  Jog to Wake Forest, do 5 burpees, turn around and jog back to YHC, do 10 merkins, turn around and jog back to Wake forest, repeato until YHC arrives at Wake Forest.

  • LBCs x20 (active recovery)

Great job, noone had to sweep YHC more than once.  Now turn around and do it again.  This time with Jump Squats and Monkey Humpers.

  • Freddy Mercuries x20 (for good measure)

The Deck
So with 20 minutes left we headed to the Bank of America parking deck. How many times can we run the deck in 20 minutes with 10 WWIIs at the top.  The answer is 2.  The studs (and YHC after turning around early) met at the top of the parking deck for a little mary while we waited for the second half of the group to arrive.

  • Flutter Kicks x25
  • Hello Dolly’s x20
  • Heels to heaven x20 (courtesy of Pepe)

Ok so noone has arrived yet.  Thanks to a questionable fire drill it turned out we had a mutiny and some of the guys evacuated the deck mid relay and headed back to the parking lot.  So back to the parking lot we go.  We met up with the other half in front of panera.  Looked like they were doing some mary but you only get credit for what the Q sees. Personal note, get a head count at warmup next time ; )


5+ miles covered, great work by all.  YHC is always humbled at this workout, thanks for letting me give Qing it a shot.  Yo-Yo will be up to his usual tricks next Friday.  F3 Dad’s tomorrow at fletcher park 930am.  Haven House is on (someone post the details in comments).  YHC could still use a fellow clydesdale to run with.  Prayers for Cut Me Mick’s father.  YHC took us out.