For the 4th and final edition of the whiplash mudrun training series, we were going for distance. Some pain was sprinkled in but the goal was to cover ground and that’s what we did. No FNG’s, no disclaimer, and we were off.

The 7 mile, 90 minute long Thang…

Mile warm up loop around the grounds
25 SSH
10 burpees
20 Good mornings
10 burpees
20 Windmills 10 burpees
Sprinkled in along the way

After collecting at starting point…

Partner up, similar speed

Stolen from Metro BB, credit to Cindy and the oscar oversight that is Hod Dog
Start from the parking lot, AYG to the bottom of the BFH
Some pax went A to B while some took the leisurely route

Mary until the 6 collected

Mosey up to the beltline bridge

P1 down BFH, 5 burpees at the bottom, then return.
P2 down Copperhead hill, 5 burpees at the bottom then return.
50 hand release merkins between partners when they meet at the middle of the bridge
Partners then swap hills and complete the same exercises
Continue until each partner has run each hill 2 times

Indian run down Greenway and up and down horton with some planking, merkins, and mary thrown in along Horton, which is a half mile hill

7’s at the bottom of horton, Burpees and partner derkins

Back up Copperhead hill, with Makhtar N’Diaye, flutter kicks, Hammer at the top
Mosey down to collect the 6 and then back to the bridge

Bear crawl across the bridge, then mosey down BFH

Makhtar N’Diaye, flutter kicks, and Hammers at the bottom

Mosey through the woods to the corn cob, squat hold while 6 collect
Mosey through meadow #quadkiller, then up to the parking lot with LBC’s and Hammer’s until the 6 collect


Doesn’t look like a lot on paper but his was a long 90 minutes with some brutal hill repeats thrown in. Strong work by the 23 faithful; the extended 30 minutes just sucks.

Credit to Maize for putting together this month long, Whiplash death series.

Just about 7 miles covered in all, a bit more by one half of the group thanks to YHC’s cryptic instructions on the hill sets.

-No Whiplash next two weeks
-Sign up for Flag Football
-BRR info night, 4/7, Yard House 7:30

ManRam prayed us out

Always an honor to lead