32 PAX rolled out of bed fired up and ready to go.

Light warm up to get on with it:  a quick run around the block to the Lourdes parking lot:  SSHx30, inchworm to stretch it out and end with low merkin hold.  Moving on

The Thang

partner up for high five merkins (20), then onto partner suicides (partner 1 takes off doing 10 merkins at the turn, partner 2 stays behind for 10 merkins flip flop until suicide is done.

Team Battle #1:  break into 2 teams…each teammate runs the parking lot and back while those staying behind cycle through squats, LBCs and merkins (10 each),  LOSER TEAM supposed to run the lot, but no one could count and teams were not even.  everyone runs the lot with 5 burpees at the end.

Team Battle #2: same set up with new cycle of 10 squats, 10 mountain climbers and 10 Freddy Mercurys.

Light run to the bottom of the hill:  grab a spot on the curb.  curb steps ups X 20, the dip X 20, curb step up X 20, one legged squats (10 each leg) into horse stance (1 minute), back into one legged squats (10 each leg) to horse stance (45 seconds).  run to field for 1 more round of partner high five merkins x 21


WWII situps X 20, end with Guantanamo.

Linda to take us out with a solid prayer.