5 PAX met at Tobacco Road for a 4 Corners Deluxe.


Jog to soccer field
SSH 15x IC
Jog around soccer field, 4 corner warmup:
Corner 1: Windmills 15x IC
Corner 2: Full Bends 15x IC
Corner 3: Stride Hops 30x IC
Corner 4: Merkin pyramid up to 10 and all the way back down (100 count)

THE THANG: 4 Corners Deluxe

– 4 Corners Spider Web –
Sprint the perimeter to each corner
Jog the Diagonals to center circle
Bear crawl center circle
Jog the Diagonal back to each corner until all four corners have been earned
(Cardiac aka “The Beast” finished early for an extra bear crawl spin in the web. YHC was in for a 2nd place finish and he still lapped me on my final bear crawl.)

YHC intended to have PAX grab BIG ROCKS before warm-up (whoops). Run down to collect a BIG ROCK (as big as you can hold above your head) and run back to soccer field. Back at it…

– 4 Corners Chase –
Partner up
Partner A runs with BIG rock
Partner B does 4x burpees
Once partner B finishes burpees, sprint to catch Partner A, exchange BIG rock, repeat until all four corners have been earned

– 4 Corners Time Bombs –
PAX run together with rocks
TIME BOMBS at each corner
Clockwise with each PAX completing 10x overhead presses before the next PAX begins
Rock stays above head for all PAX

Time permitting YHC planned to do a 4 Corners Escalator. With 5 minutes left time was NOT permitting. Instead we ended 4 Corners with a sprint around the soccer field. Floyd was in the lead for a short time and I believe I heard him say, “I’m going to take the race”. Oh wait, here comes Cardiac aka “The Beast” whizzing by. Floyd proclaims, “Somebody needs to check that guy for PEDs!”.

MARY: Escalator 4x IC
Cardiac rolls out before Mary
Counterclockwise each PAX chooses 10x exercise to add to previous callout
10x – Xs and Os – IC (YHC)
10x – Xs and Os, LBCs – IC (Choo Choo)
10x – Xs and Os, LBCs, Heels to Heaven – IC (Floyd)
10x – Xs and Os, LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Russian Hammers – IC (Foot Fault)


No announcements, just another great Thursday in gloom on the books!