Great weather this morning.  8 Pax showed to start the week off strong (9 including Roxy).

Warm Up:

  • Slow jog around upper field, begin 4 corner warmup
  • 25 SSH IC, sprint to next corner
  • 25 Mountain Climbers IC, sprint to next corner
  • 20 Air Squared, sprint to next corner
  • High Knee Up Downs x 10, sprint back to start
  • Mosey to Lower Field

The Thang

  • 30 Dips at Picnic Tables
  • 4 sets of: 5 Pullups, 10 Hand Release Merkins (1st set was 20 Merkins, had to audible down)
  • Mosey Back to Track for more 4 Corners
  • 1st Round – 15 Squats in Each Corner of Track – 60 Total
  • 2nd Round – 15 Hand Release Merkins each corner – 60 Total
  • 3rd Round – Run Backwards this time, 10 Star Jumps – 40 Total


  • 20 WWI Situps OYO
  • Freddie Mercuries x 25 IC
  • Plank-o-rama 10 Counts
  • 20 WWI Situps OYO

Moleskin: Great start to the week.  Props to Tardy for pushing to get better and heal that leg.  Props to Gump for making the decision to be stay positive amidst turmoil and get better – we see you getting stronger Gump.  New Monday South Wake workout at Vance Elementary in August announced.  Also, Banana Seat’s church is doing Knights Play golf on Mondays.  Contact Banana Seat for more info.  Votes to have a Murph for 4th of July next Monday, regular time followed by an F2 event at Bagels Plus.  Prayers to Darby’s wife as she gets closer to go time with the baby.  Prayers to Tardy as he preps for a potential career change.  Mutiny Out!