Thirty-one PAX descended on Fetzer Field on the UNC campus at dawn Monday for a primo start to the week, with Wuerffel leading half the group on a tour of Francis Henry Stadium (the field hockey home base) and then to Forest Theatre, and YHC running a Circle of Pain on the Fetzer Track.
Warmup: SSH x 20, Windmills x 10, Prisoner Squats x 10, Arm Circles forward and back x 10 each, Carolina Dry Dock x 10, Merkins x 10.
Wuerffel escorted his group on a jog to the field hockey venue. Pax paired up. In each pair, partner #1 sprinted up and down a column of stairs twice while partner #2 did an exercise and then they switched. The exercises were:
• Burpees
• Lunges
• Carolina Dry Docks
• Merkins
• Squats
Then, we ran the whole stadium as a group.
Next we made our way to the Forest Theater. Half way there we did:
• 15 Merkins
• 15 heels to the heavens
We completed our journey to the theater where we did
• 15 derkins
• Box jumps to the top of the theater
• 10 burpees
• 15 dips
• step ups to the top
• 10 burpees
• 15 merkins in cadence
• The people’s chair, 10 counts all around
Meanwhile, YHC took the other half for a Circle of Pain, 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest and transition around the circle: burpees, 25# left and right arm rows, merkins, 15# side raises, bows-to-toes planks, burpees redux, 20# bicep curls, LBCs, Kettle Bell swings, diamond merkins, 25# overhead presses, wide-grip merkins, jump lunges, bows-to-toes planks redux and Freddie Mercuries.
After one circle, we ran a lap, then repeat the circle and the lap.
Six Minutes of Mary consisted of round-robin, dealer’s choice with 20 WWIIs, box cutters, Russian Hammers, LBCs, Heels to Heavens and a couple others YHC was too tired to remember.
T-Claps to FNG Slum Dog (great F3 nickname for a guy in the real estate/apartment business).